Friday, February 27, 2015

Uaral - Discography

Band: Uaral
Genre: Folk / Doom Metal
Country: Chile

 Uaral is a band from Chile, founded in 1996 by Aciago and Caudal, the band split-up in 2013. They named the band "Uaral" after their mentor and friend.
 Uaral's style is a darker folk with some influences from the doom metal scene, with extremely melancholic songs. This band is very original, it will probably make you look with different eyes to folk influenced metal bands.
NOTE: Uaral have one unreleased song named "Despond", you can listen and download it here.

Uaral (1997)

Type: Demo
Size: 7,28 MB
  1. Bruma (Intro)
  2. Surrendered to the Decadence
  3. Potrero Grande
NOTE: I have never found the last track (Potrero Grande), so it is not included in the download.
NOTE 2: The first track is the same intro as the EP "laments", and the second track is on the album "Sounds of Pain...".

Mediafire - Download

 From the Agony to the Hopelessness (1998) 

Type: Demo
Size: 30,3 MB
  1. Preludio a la Siembra
  2. Surrendered to the Decadence
  3. Eternal Beauty of the Trees
  4. La Vaga Esperanza de Ser
NOTE: The first track is on the album "Lamentos a Poema Muerto", and the tracks 2-4 are all on the album "Sounds of Pain...".

Mediafire - Download

Laments (1998)

Type: EP
Size: 28,2 MB
  1. Intro
  2. The Writing and the Cry...
  3. Lament
  4. Surrendered to the Decadence (Part II)
  5. Eterno En Mí
NOTE: The tracks 2-5 are all on the album "Lamentos a Poema Muerto", but the tracks 2 and 3 are translated to spanish ("La Escritura Y El Alarido" and "Lamentos..." respectively).

Mediafire - Download

Acidal (2004)

Type: Demo
Size: 31,6 MB
  1. Hacia Monte Largo...
  2. Lamentos
  3. Acidal
NOTE: I never found the first track (Hacia Monte Largo...), so it is not included in the download. The rest of the tracks are on the album "Lamentos a Poema Muerto".

Mediafire - Download

Sounds of Pain... (2005)

Type: Full-length
Size: 100 MB
  1. Lost
  2. Surrendered to the Decadence
  3. Eternal Beauty of the Trees
  4. Sounds of Pain
  5. Niche
  6. Depresión
  7. La Vaga Esperanza De Ser...
  8. Uaral
  9. Surrendered to the Decadence (Demo Version)
NOTE: The last track is a bonus track.

Mediafire - Download

Lamentos a Poema Muerto (2007)

Type: Full-length
Size: 71,1 MB
  1. Preludio a La Siembra
  2. La Escritura Y El Alarido
  3. Lamentos...
  4. Surrendered to the Decadence (Parte 2)
  5. El Campesino
  6. Eterno En Mí
  7. Acidal
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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Velvet Cacoon - Discography

Band: Velvet Cacoon
Genre: Ambient Black Metal
Country: USA

  Velvet Cacoon is an american band founded in 2001, the band split up in 2009.
The band is most famous for all the lies and rumors spread by the band members, including stolen albums. After all the charade has been reveled the band members decided to split up and start fresh with a more serious band, so they founded Clair Cassis.
  Velvet Cacoon's songs are highly influenced by drugs, the atmosphere created by them takes you to a trip through the darkest corners of your mind, it is very mesmerizing.

Dextronaut (2002)

Type: Full-length
Size: 245 MB
  1. Bloodletting
  2. Infinite Plateau
  3. Nest of Hate
  4. Perched on a Neverending Peak
  5. Setting Off the Twilights
  6. A Year of Decembers
  7. Reverie
  8. Starlit Seas of Angel Blood
  9. World Untouched By Mankind
  10. When the Purest Flesh is Alive in a Heart Full of Hate
  11. Velorum
  12. Ambient Planet
  13. Nighttime Ice Horizon
NOTE: This album was released a couple of times, in each time the tracks and their orders were different, in this download I have included all the songs that have been released in this different versions of this album, but obviously I have chosen an aleatory order.

Mediafire - Download

Music For Falling Buildings (2002)

Type: Demo
Size: 15,6 MB
  1. Dieselflame Novapyre 1892
  2. Fire Bloomed From Frost
Mediafire - Download

Chapelflames (Red Steeples) (2003)

Type: Demo
Size: 105 MB
  1. Northsuite
  2. Winterglow
  3. Fire Bloomed From Frost
  4. Chapelflames
  5. Salts & Ashes
  6. Bloodscents
Mediafire - Download

Genevieve (2004)

Type: Full-length
Size: 121 MB
  1. 1
  2. P.S. Nautical
  3. Avalon Polo
  4. Laudanum
  5. Fauna & Flora
  6. Genevieve
  7. Bete Noir
Mediafire - Download

Northsuite (2005)

Type: Compilation
Size: 132 MB
  1. Northsuite
  2. Winterglow
  3. Fire Bloomed From Frost
  4. Chapelflames
  5. Salts & Ashes
  6. Bloodscent
  7. Fire Bloomed From Frost
  8. Dieselflame Novapyre 1892
NOTE: This album is a compilation of the Velvet Cacoon's demos "Music For Falling Buildings" and "Chapelflames".
Mediafire - Download

P aa opal Poere Pr. 33 (2009)

Type: Full-length
Size: 93,2 MB
  1. 2
  2. Claverie
  3. Marylux
  4. Grevona
  5. Aventine
  6. Oviamoire
  7. Sovarine
  8. Flouvonne
Mediafire - Download

Atropine (2009)

Type: Full-length
Size: 159 MB
Disc 1:
  1. Candlesmoke
  2. Funeral Noir
  3. Graveside Sonnet
  4. Dreaming in the Hemlock Patch
Disc 2:
  1. Nightvines
  2. Nocturnal Carriage
  3. Earth and Dark Petals
  4. Autumn Burial Victoria
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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Kall - Disocgraphy

Band: Kall
Genre: Depressive Black Metal
Country: Sweden

 Kall is a swedish band founded in 2012, this band is formed by the ex-members of Lifelover, some people say that Kall is a "continuation" of Lifelover after the death of B.
   Kall have a lot of similarities with Lifelover, but this is not the same band, don't listen to this band expecting something equal to Lifelover. I know that a lot of comparisons between the two bands have been made, but I refuse to do the same, for me one band have nothing to do with the other and should be listened as such.
   I know that most of you already know this band, and were following this band and waiting for the first release for a long time just like me. Now that it is finally out I have to say that Kall exceeded my expectations, the debut album is way better them I thought it would be.

Då nu - Jag och du (2013)

Type: Single
Size: 5,25
  1. Då nu - Jag och du
Mediafire - Download

Kall (2014)

Type: Full-length
Size: 122 MB
  1. Ingång
  2. Mycelium Veins
  3. Försök till förstörelse
  4. Brytpunkt
  5. En ljusare morgondag
  6. Descending Ascension
  7. Interludium
  8. Varelsen
  9. Far väl
Mediafire - Download

Elemental Nightmares - IV (2014)

Type: Split
Bands: Canopy / Harasai / Kall / Obitus
Size: 21,6 MB
1.  Sphere of the Prime Mover
2.  Heritage and Fate
3.  Ur Syn
4.  Panoticotopia
NOTE: This split is part of the Elemental Nightmares, which is the set of 7 splits between 28 bands, each release is a part of one big piece of art, when all the albums are put together they form one complete image.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Obliteratus - Discography

Band: Obliteratus
Genre: Depressive Black Metal
Country: USA

  Obliteratus is a one man band from the USA founded in 2007 by Kurt.
This band have everything someone would expect from a dsbm band, perfect for those that are fan of this genre.
Obliteratus is very unknown, so it is hard to find any information about the band, a lot of the songs posted here were quite difficult to find. 
   I recommend this band for everyone.

Friendship (2013)

Type: Split
Bands: Obliteratus / Worthless Life
Size: 75,6 MB

1.  Lost No More (Intro)
2.  Smutecní Šaty (Mourning)
3.  Zmrazené Mlha (Frozen Mist)

Worthless Life:
4.  Misanthropy of the Dead
5.  Friendship
6.  Sneni (Trist Cover)

Mediafire - Download

Dead Inside (Mrtvý Vnitrek) (2013)

Type: Demo
Size: 46,5 MB
  1. Hope (Naděje)
  2. Mourning (Samutek)
  3. Lost (Ztracený)
  4. Faith (Víra)
  5. Blizzard (Vánice)
NOTE: All the names of songs in this album (including the album title) are in english, but you can find on the internet the same album with the names in Czech, so I posted here with both the names.

Mediafire - Download

Psychosis (2014)

Type: Full-length
Size: 40,4 MB
  1. Moonlight
  2. Night Sky
  3. Afraid
  4. Forgotten
  5. Love Isn't Enough
  6. Sinful Indulgence
  7. Psychosis
  8. Ritualistic Isolation
  9. Bliss
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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Precaria - Discography

Precaria - Logo

Band: Precaria
Genre: Black Metal
Country: USA/Mexico

 Precaria is an orthodox black metal band that deals with lyrics about the illumination of the Self and hatred towards humanity and the right hand path (Demiurgic) religions. Musically it's a very ominous and aggressive black metal with dissonant and unconventional song structures. 

Demo 2004 (2004)

Precaria - Demo 2004

Type: Demo
Size: 89,8 MB
  1. La Obra Negra Deicida
  2. Expiate de Toda Creencia
  3. Crímenes a la Doctrina Celestial
  4. Suicidio Colectivo de las Religiones
Mediafire - Download

Precaria Ex Humanitas (2014)

Precaria - Precaria Ex Humanitas

Type: Full-length
Size: 130,4 MB
  1. Traficando Los Órganos de la Iglesia
  2. Para Muchos Pobreza, Para Pocos Sabiduría
  3. Estupro a la Conciencia
  4. Evangeliza Con Veneno Nihilista
  5. Corrupción Como Primordial Obligación
  6. Violencia Como Pan de Cada Día
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Monday, November 24, 2014

Gravekeeper - Discography

Band: Gravekeeper
Genre: Depressive Black / Doom Metal
Country: Canada

  Gravekeeper is a canadian one man band founded in 2013, his music is a mix between doom and dsbm with some influences from the raw black metal, all of that with a lo-fi and ethereal sound.
   Gravekeeper's music is very minimalistic, the atmosphere created by him puts you in a trance like state, perfect for all of those that are fans of a more ambient music.
   I highly recommend this band for everyone.

Gravekeeper (2013)

Type: Demo
Size: 29,6 MB
  1. Find Peace (In Demise)
  2. Upon the Cenotaph, Tears Lie Betwixt the Dew Drop
  3. Just as in Life
Mediafire - Download

Gravekeeper (2014)

Type: Full-length
Size: 29,8 MB
  1. In Fields of Death
  2. My Headstone
  3. Ex(ac)cept Death
  4. Find Peace (In Demise)
  5. Respite
  6. Just as in Life
  7. Alas, the Sun Shall Rise Tomorrow
  8. Memoirs of a Gravekeeper
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Friday, November 21, 2014

Dream of the Damned - Discography

Dream of the Damned - Logo

Band: Dream of the Damned
Genre: Depressive Black Metal
Country: Mexico

 Dream Of The Damned is a project of the mind of a One Man Band called Icnocuicatl created in January 2011 after finishing his previous project called Tanatofilia. Dream Of The Damned merges different genres of Metal as: Black Metal, Death Metal, Doom Metal. 

Alone... (2011)

Dream of the Damned - Alone...

Type: Demo
Size: 8,7 MB
  1. The Devil's Game
  2. The Dream of the Damned

Mediafire - Download 

Loneliness (2011)

Dream of the Damned - Loneliness

Type: Single
Size: 4,3 MB
  1. Lonelines
Mediafire - Download

Chronicles (2012)

Dream of the Damned - Chronicles

Type: Demo
Size: --,- MB
  1. Lonelines
  2. Hate
  3. Introspection (Exiled on Land)
  4. Don't Go (Happy Days cover)

Mediafire - Download

The Mask (2012)

Dream of the Damned - The Mask

Type: Single
Size: 5,6 MB
  1. The Mask
Mediafire - Download

Artificial Paradises (2012)

Dream of the Damned - Artificial Paradises

Type: Demo
Size: 13,1 MB
  1. Prelude
  2. Artificial Paradises
Mediafire - Download

Limbs (Tribute to Agalloch) (2013)

Dream of the Damned - Limbs (Tribute to Agalloch)

Type: Demo
Size: 11,4 MB
  1. Limbs (Agalloch cover)
Mediafire - Download

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